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we're starting a blog

Lets be honest, the bar is not set very high when it comes to blog content. Perhaps it's the informal tone or the presumption that the internet wants to know what one ate for dinner, but many, if not most, blogs exist primarily for the satisfaction of their creator. There's nothing wrong with this but its worth pointing out that the Deltagraphic blog will be different. You won't be seeing any personal posts, 'lifestyle' 'content' or photos from our latest vacation (unless they are 8K photo-scanned textures). Instead, expect to find design tips/tutorials, advice/info on founding/running a design collective and free cc0 3D assets. While it might take a while before we get in the swing of things, the goal is to make a blog post for every major project we complete (with a bias towards arch-viz) where we break down the project, give explanations of any novel techniques we employed and then offer download links for some of the assets we used. This way we get to show off our work while giving our readers a reason to come back. Stay tuned.

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