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gather everyone


gather your attendees

Host your conference in a virtual event center. Bring back the serendipity of running into friends and meeting strangers that makes a real-life conference much more than a series of talks and discussions


gather your friends

Throw a virtual party where your friends can drift in and out of groups as easily as reality. Hang out at the bar, hit the beach, or go for a walk in the park.


gather your colleagues

Create a virtual office for your remote team. Get the natural feel of working in person, with the same ease of starting conversations, ability to arrange your space, and simple feeling of presence with your coworkers.


gather your students

Teach from a virtual classroom. Lecture, take questions, and split into discussion groups dynamically with the ease of a real classroom.

Gather is Video chat in your own personal virtual world. When you're near others, you can see their web cam and hear their microphone. When you're far you can't.

The closer you get, the louder they become. Move in, out, and around conversations just like you would in real life.


how it works

lets go big

Gather is free to use for rooms up to 50 users, but what do you do if that's not enough? Our premium rooms have you covered with options for any large event, party or conference. Contact us to learn more or start planning your next event with gather.

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