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Design language

Can Design Be

Fun Without Talking down

to Users?

We certainly think so. There is a time and place for drab, corporate design but its not here. Deltagraphic designers have fun with their work but we don't always get to show it. Our bubblegum design language is what happens when we don't hold back. With bubblegum, we want to convey vibrant levity without coming off as childish. In a world where fun brands can be serious business, we need something that inspires users without pandering. What a difference a little color makes... 

A combination of crisp, surreal renders with lively borders and abstract patterns brings a palpable sense of joy to this design language while maintaining an artful sense of legitimacy. We attempt to bring a child-like feeling of wonder to our work, like something out of a dream. Users ought to feel like a kid in a candy store, overwhelmed by the possibilities before them and eager to dig in. Bubblegum is airy and rich in the same instant, perfect for culinary, cosmetic, hobby, and lifestyle brands that put enjoyment before pretension    


Bite into something new


Bite into something new






Nothing says friendly like a sense of humor and the bubblegum design language works hard to convey humility, putting users at ease without seeming foolish. 

Art direction - Ian Perkins

Design - Ian Perkins

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